Skyward Security Update--Password Instructions

In an ongoing commitment to protecting student data, Skyward is updating/improving their security features by implementing the use of a complex password. With this security update, there will be an Automatic Password Change for all Skyward users (Family Access/Student Access/District Staff).
Starting Thursday, May 18….You will be prompted to change your Skyward password to a Complex password. Your new Complex password must contain the following:
  • 8 characters in length
  • includes at least one number
  • includes at least one character
  • includes at least one capital letter
For students, these password requirements will be the same; however, Wednesday night (May 17, 2023), all Student Access passwords will be changed to the following complex password: your six digit birthdate followed by “@DP”. So if your birthdate is May 18, 2007 …..your Student Access password will be changed to 051807@DP
For further information and instructions, please see the links above.