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PSAT Information

The PSAT is given each fall at North Campus.
Students who register go directly to the Girl's Gym at North Campus on the day of testing.
DO NOT go to South campus for 1st period that day.
Late students will not be permitted to test.
Bring #2 pencils and dress comfortably.
If students bring their cell phones, they will be asked to turn them off and place them in a separate area during testing.
Any questions need to be directed to the North Campus counselor's office at 832-668-7305.
Resources for Preparation:
  • Free PSAT preparation materials at
  • PSAT Overview - prepared by Mr. Sample (PDF)
  • Awesome PSAT Tips - prepared by Mr. Sample (PDF)
  • Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT 2017 (PDF)